Insurgent North Country / Alternative Americana


  • Tom Jones- vocals and guitar
  • Jon Lundberg- lead guitar and vocals
  • Brian Killigrew- mandolin and lap steel
  • Chuck Larsen- dog house bass and vocals
  • Ben Shutts - drums

Frequently Unasked Questions (F.U.Q.)

This is where the members of 40-Rod Lightning will attempt to answer the questions that we anticipate people will ask us frequently, although, to date, no one has.

Q: Just what is 40-Rod Lightning anyway?

A: It's a term for whiskey of most villainous description.
So called because it's warranted to kill at forty rods (220 yards).

Q: Are you all alcoholics?

A: We don't go to meetings, if that's what you mean.

Q: Do you have a CD?

A: Yes, we have a 5-song EP titled "Small Batch." And, as promised, it is out well before Jeb Bush becomes President. Currently, it is only availble at live shows. We plan to have it in stores and available for online order sometime in 2008. We're thinking about iTunes too...

We are currently working on a follow-up CD, for a Summer 2010 release.

Questions pending replies:

Q: Joe, why won't you grow a beard?

Q: Why doesn't Brian get a microphone?

Q: When's Chuck gonna sang a song?

Q: Was that "unicorn" or "eunuch horn"?

Q: Do you know Sweet Magnolia?

Q: When are you going to have hoodies for sale?

Q: Where is your drummer?

Q: Why did you give Brian a microphone?

Q: Hey Mister, do you know my uncle?

Q: Why don't you guys ever play in New Paltz? The sidewalks are made of wood.

Q: What the FUQ are you looking at?